Marie Claire’s The Next Big Thing Concept Shop is the place to be if you’re a wellness woman on the go. So take a trip Soho and check out some of the next big things in wellness. This annual pop-up series runs from September 23-October 12. Marie Claire has plenty of fun activities in store. So if you’ve always wanted to try a crystal healing or you’re a green-gourmet lover, there’s a chance you just might get your wish. Plus, the best part is that it’s all for free. So RSVP here.

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THE CRISTALLINE – Crystals 101

The healing properties of crystals have been well-chronicled for centuries, but in recent years they’ve become a vital tool in new health and wellness circles. Rashia Bell, Co-Founder of The Cristalline, is a noted crystal expert. She uses crystals in her work as both an interior designer and an energy healer. Tonight, at Marie Claire’s Next Big Thing she introduced a small group to crystals and their various therapeutic qualities. Although, I’m no novice when it comes to crystals I learned several new techniques for working with them at home and on the go. For instance, I now diffuse my electronics of disruptive energy with Black Tourmaline or Fluorite, and I follow a crystal chakra balancing routine. Rashia even shared a few tips on where to find some of the best stones in town, like Stick, Stone, and Bones and Astro Gallery of Gems.

But my favorite part of the evening was the mindful meditation. During this healing session, we experienced both chakra balancing and sound therapy. For each of the seven chakras, Rashia gave each student a crystal to place on each part of their body.

  • Clear Quartz – Crown (top of head)
  • Amethyst – Third Eye (between the of middle the forehead)
  • Blue Agate – Throat (middle of throat)
  • Aventurine – Heart (middle chest – location of the heart)
  • Citrine – Solar Plexus (right below ribcage)
  • Carnelian – Sacral (lower abdomen a few inches below navel)
  • Obsidian – Root (below lower abdomen)

By the end of the session, I was so relaxed and calm that I was drifting into a light snooze on my train ride home. Needless, to say I was in for a good night’s sleep.

Marie Claire’s Next Big Thing Is Two Thumbs Up

All and all this session was a HUGE plus with a generous bonus – we got to take our set of crystals with us! And thanks to Rashia’s impeccable training –  I can continue my crystal healing sessions from the comfort of my own home.

If you’re interested in crystals and want to set up a healing session or find out how to bring more balance into your space with crystals – I highly recommend Rashia and The Crystalline team. For more details check here.