About Well-ish

Hello, Lovelies – Welcome to Well-ish! I’m Kaylan – a fun-loving Northern California native and honorary New Yorker – (I’ll have ten years under my belt in 2018). I started this blog as a creative outlet to share my experiences exploring all things wellness in NYC (and beyond).

While I’m no Soulcycle goddess or zen yoga master I do enjoy pushing myself to the limit and learning new wellness practices. From beauty and fitness to travel, and spiritual musing – yes, even the woo-woo kind – my adventurous spirit has no bounds.

Living in NYC I’ve experienced both the pros and cons of being bombarded with daily doses of its intense and intoxicating energy. And while it’s incredible to be in high octane mode, it’s just as refreshing to retreat into a cocoon of solace where you can practice self-love, compassion, and gratitude. My blog entries reflect this delicate ebb and flow – from peddle-to-the-metal fast pace to a graceful slowdown.

No matter what you are into there’s always something going on in New York. I’m constantly finding out about new wellness tools and resources that I feel compelled to share with others.

I’ve seen the wellness community grow immensely over the past years, as I’m sure many of you have, too. So after much thought and careful deliberation, I birthed Well-ish as my personal peace offering to the world. It’s my way of sharing a little piece of my triumphs, challenges, and learnings with the community so near and dear to my heart.

Similiar to my philosophy about yoga, my aim is not perfection. It’s simply to honor my spirit, be kind, and show gratitude for life’s many blessings. For me, this means committing to becoming my most well self – body, mind, and spirit and not beating myself up when I indulge in a little “ish”. This may mean having a piece of dark chocolate on occasion and or making pancakes for breakfast on Saturday morning. Yes, I believe in holding myself accountable but not at the expense of my sanity and joy.

So if you’re like me, on your path to greater wellness or already a pro please enjoy reading my wellness adventures. This is a community after all so feel free to share your insight, learnings, and heartfelt opinions. I welcome a multitude of sisterly (and brotherly) voices.

We are all made up of divine light so why not share a little sunshine. Thank you for joining me on my well-ish ride!

Peace & Blessings,



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