What comes to mind when you think about the flavors of fall? What triggers your senses and makes you feel like autumn’s arrived? Is it cinnamon and nutmeg – like your favorite pumpkin or sweet potato pie? Is it Frankincense or Palo Santo reminding you of holy days to come? Or the fresh scent of cedar or pine? For me, all of these scents bring me one step closer to everything I love about fall. Even though I don’t have pumpkins or pine trees growing nearby, I do like to revisit them with a touch of essential oil.

Essentially Fall

For me, fall marks the transitional stage from being out in the elements to being comforted by the indoors. Don’t get me wrong; you’ll still see me out and about. However, I do start to appreciate time at home more. I’m a HUGE fan of essential oils (EOs). Love does not even begin to describe how I feel about them. When something smells good, it just raises my vibe. For autumn, I like to dip into spicy, woody notes that remind that it’s harvest season.

Fall Faves

Here are my favorite essential oil choices for fall. I love Edens Garden (EG), DoTerra (D) and Saje (S) essential oils.

Spicy Delights

  • Cinnamon (EG) (D) – works great as a foot or back rub with a carrier oil like coconut oil – promotes emotional balance and helps relieve muscle tension
  • Peppermint Halo (S) – a refreshing minty blend with notes of lavender and rosemary that awaken and calm the body all at once
  • Guardian (EG) – this uplifting blend helps clear negative energies and is a spicy companion for your bath or diffuser – incorporates citrus, cinnamon, rosemary and eucalyptus extracts
  • Passion (D) – this warm and spicy blend heats up cold nights like a toasty fire with notes of cardamom, clove, cinnamon, ginger, sandalwood, and vanilla – great as a foot rub diluted with coconut oil or for a bath on chilly nights

Earthy Woods & Fresh Pines

  • Frankincense (EG) (D) – one of the ancient greats – known for its ability to promote focus, relax the body and deepen spiritual connection – great diffused, in a bath, or as a massage oil mixed with a carrier oil like olive oil
  • Patchouli (S) (EG) – great for a soothing bath or as a diffused essence – promotes energetic balance and helps even skin tone – blends well with other woodsy scents like Cypress and Sandalwood
  • Palo Santo (EG) – this rich grounding scent promotes calmness and spiritual wellness – excellent diffusing oil
  • Well Being (S) – this subtle blend takes you deep into the woods with its cypress and rosewood notes coupled with  light undertones of lavender and orange – known to help clear the mind and relax the body – good diffusing blend
  • Mountain High (S) – takes you on a journey through the forest to the highest mountaintop with a refreshing mix of pine, balsam fir, spearmint, and cedarwood – great when diffused for a clean invigorating scent

Freshest Fall

  • Immunity (EG) – this highly antiseptic and antimicrobial blend helps heal the immune system and safeguards against colds and flus – incorporates orange and lemon, along with eucalyptus, Moroccan rosemary, and tea tree – terrific for diffusing as seasonal changes arise
  • Aroma Fresh (EG) – this clean scent weaves together citrus (lemon, lime, citronella), with pine (Siberian fir, Austrian fir, needle pine, pine) and tea tree oils  for a fresh and calming smell – great diffused for purification of the home
  • Exhale (EG) – this medicinal mix infuses eucalyptus, lemon with rich minty and citrus aromas – great for clearing the respiratory system and a peaceful sleep – great as a salve when mixed with a thick neutral carrier oil/body butter or diffused for flu and cold prevention


  • House Warming (S) – this warming scent brings it all back home with a soulful mix of cedarwood, vanilla, lavender, and orange – great diffused, diluted as a rub or in the tub
  • Good Morning (EG) / Motivate (D) – this compelling and energizing scent lifts the spirits and helps revitalize your day – with a warm mix of citrus, mint, rosemary and a hint of vanilla

 Ready for Winter

  • Holiday Peace (D) – reassuring aroma with three blends of pine (Siberian, Douglas, and Himalayan) – brings in holiday serenity with citrus and frankincense notes – great diffused or in a bath
  • Holiday Joy (D) – spirited scent with uplifting notes of Siberian Fir, Cinnamon, Douglas Fir, Nutmeg, and Vanilla – wonderful when diffused


Additional Recommendations

I love mixing and matching oil blends. I’m not a purely woodsy person, so I usually blend stronger notes with lighter or sweeter fragrances like vanilla or a light citrus, like lemon.

Both Edens Garden and Saje (pronounced Sage) are available online. Saje even has retail stores in a few NYC locations. However, DoTerra is subscription based. Therefore, it’s only available online if you create an account or order through a DoTerra member. The one thing that I do like about DoTerra that’s different from Saje and Edens Garden is that some oils are ingestible. You can consume some DoTerra oils and add them to your foods and beverages. For instance, you can use DoTerra cinnamon bark or lemon oils while cooking or use them topically or in a diffuser. For my autumn oils, I like to use them in a diffuser, a hot bath or as a body rub.

All in all, you cannot go wrong with any of these brands – they are all high quality and ethically sourced. So whether you’re looking to spice up your fall season or freshen up for autumn, these scents are all refreshing choices.

I’d love to hear from you so feel free to post your favorite seasonal combos.