Cryo gives new meaning to the phrase, “freezing your buns off.” But if you’re willing to brave the cold, this super trendy technique will thrill and chill you all at once.

Over the last few decades, Cryo has gone from being an exclusive option for athletes and celebs to a frosty treatment for everyday folks, like you and me. But what exactly is Cryo and how does it work?

Cryo Body 101

Cryo uses cryogenically cooled air, (nitrogen-chilled blasts), to promote collagen production and rejuvenate the body. The cold vapor shocks the body by triggering a series of physiological responses. The “cold shock” cause blood to rush throughout the body affecting the skin and muscle tissues. As the blood circulates, it is cleansed of toxins and nourished with oxygen and enzymes. After the session is over, the enriched blood makes its way back to extremities in the body.

Over time cyro can help soothe joint pressure, ease pain from injuries, improve focus and mood, reduce the visibility of cellulite, lower inflammation and increase metabolism. Most cryo practitioners recommend 5-10 sessions, in close succession, within the first few weeks of your initial treatment.  A continued cryo regimen can help boost results.

The Cool Factor

Preparation for the Cold Plunge

The coolest cryo temperates can reach as low as -256 F, but first-timers typically begin at about -240 F. At Cryosphere (inside The Alchemist’s Kitchen), where I had my first session, the staff strongly advise you to keep your body complete dry before entering the enclosed, frozen chamber. Keeping dry prevents any chance of frost burn. Before you enter the refrigerated booth, you undress and receive a plush robe to wear, as well as protective gloves and socks for your hands and feet. It’s optional to keep your undergarments on, but women are encouraged to stay nude to take full advantage of the whole-body effects. Gentlemen must keep underwear or a towel on (for obvious reasons). Sessions last for about 2-3 minutes depending on how long you can endure the sub-zero temps.

How Does it Feel? During & After the Chill

I was uncertain about how I would take to the sub-zero conditions. But to my surprise, the ultracold air wasn’t that bad – and I’m not a huge fan of being cold. After the initial blow, my body settled into the frostiness. By the end of 2 minutes, I was definitely shivering with tingles all over my body. But honestly, I felt colder years ago when I did an early morning shift at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I was in 20-degree temps for about 3 hours straight. Following my session, I felt more relaxed and content. I noticed minor tightness on my arms, derriere, and thighs but nothing to write home about. If I continued the treatments I think would see more positive changes but for me, the real winner was the cryofacial. I could definitely see cryo body being beneficial for people who have muscle injuries or just want a mood boost – it certainly did the trick for me.

Cryo Chamber

Cryofacials – Arctic Beauty

Frosty facial anyone? If you’re in the mood for a facial switch-up – the cryofacial may be a good choice for you. You can even keep your make-up on if you wish during this cold spa treatment.

I loved my experience, and I plan to go again, especially if I have a special occasion (like a wedding or an important event). It’s not nearly as cold as the body treatment – it’s more like a gentle cool breeze. The air feels like a crisp fall day, a little chilly but refreshing and clean.

The cryofacial made my skin super smooth and left me with a dewy fresh look. I wish I took before and after photos. Next time, lovelies.

Similar to Cryo body, the facial treatment works in the same way, using icy vapors to activate the oxygenation process in the skin. Thus, refreshing your face and producing a glowy finish. But that’s not all, here are some the additional benefits:

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tightens pores
  • Helps heal sun damage and soothes sunburn
  • Balances skin tone (pigmentation)
  • Increases skin elasticity
  • Helps treat acne and blemishes
  • Produces the appearance of temporary “face-lift” (2-3 days max)


At $50-$85 a session, depending on where you go, cryofacials can be a bit costly as a routine. But if you want to pamper yourself or have no qualms about the cost it’s definitely worthwhile to check out. I was able to catch a promotion that saved me a couple of extra bucks. All in all, my cryofacial was worth every cent, and I’d go back again for another exquisite cooldown.

Well, I’ll catch you on my next cold-spree, but until then I’d love to hear about your cryo adventures around-town. #cryo_beauties